Meet An Editor: NAME HERE

By September 20, 2019Seismic Staff

We can even do fun posts like this. These can introduce people to different members of the Seismic team. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy in-depth. We can do this once or twice a month — whatever we want. Maybe just a fun questionnaire and a picture or two.


Years At Seismic: 100

Originally From: Not Los Angeles

Recent Projects: Film; Movie; Film; Movie; Film; Movie

Favorite Campaign: Movie

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Flavor of LaCroix: Ew.

Hobbies: Noneyabusiness

What’s one of the best things about working at Seismic?

“Seismic is a really awesome place to work. I love it so much. We get plenty of snacks and flavored water, and sometimes bagels, which is great. The people are nice. Oh, and the holiday trip to Vegas.”

What’s your favorite memory from working at Seismic?

“The holiday trip to Vegas, obviously. Britton planned it and it was amazing.”

Tell us the story of something in your office.

“Well this photo over here is of my dog, whom I love very much. He’s super cute, which is why I have a framed photo of him on my desk.”

Which trailer do you secretly wish you had cut? 

“A Star Is Born. That Lady Gaga note is iconic.”





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